We are Licensed, Bonded and Health Dept. Approved

Request For Septic Inspection (For Sale of Home)

We provide Walk-over of Septic Inspections for Conventional Systems Only:

Walk-Over Inspection - includes:
- Digging Up the Lid to the Septic Tank (up to 2 feet); Pumping the Septic Tank; a Visual Inspection of the Tank, Lid, Inlet and Outlet Tees; and a Walk-Over Visual Inspection of the Drain Field with Probing.
- Invoice and Report can either be given to you at the time of inspection or you can have it e-mailed or faxed.

Additional Services / Charges:
- Pumping the Pump Chamber; Inspecting the Tank and Lid; and Inspecting the Pump.
- Digging Up additional Tanks/Boxes (Digging Up to 2 Feet per Tank/Box; and Inspecting the Tank/Box and Lid - (per Tank/Box).
- Digging Over 2 Feet.
Please indicate a Date and Time (also an Alternate Date/Time) when you would like to have the inspection completed:
Primary Date & Time
Alternate Date & Time
PLEASE NOTE: Septic Inspections can only be scheduled between Monday - Friday, 8AM - 2PM. We will make every effort to accommodate your request. If for some reason we cannot, we will call you to set up the Inspection at another Date/Time.

Payment Due Upon Completion of Services. Visa, Mastercard & Discover are Accepted.
NOTE: Only need an e-mail if we are not able to provide the invoice & septic report at time of services.
Late charges at 1.5% a month may be a charged on unpaid balances.
Legal Fees will be assessed, if an attorney must be retained due to an unpaid balance.
American Tank Cleaning, Inc. will not be responsible for damage to Driveways, Lids, Tees & Underground Utility Lines.