Septic Tank Pumping & Repair in Stafford, Virginia

Keep your residential or commercial property free of environmental contaminants with septic tank pumping from American Tank Cleaning. We do a variety of septic tank services that ensure your system operates at peak performance. Maintain the effectiveness of your septic system with septic tank pumping and repair from our company in Stafford, Virginia.

Residential and Commercial Services

Service of your septic tank and lines helps you avoid nasty backups and damage that could result in expensive repairs. Whether you have a home or business septic system, we have the equipment and skills to keep it operating properly.

Our services include septic inspections for mortgages. If you need this service, fill out the Septic Inspection Request Form and either email or fax it to us. We also provide:
  • Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning
  • Septic System Service and Repair
  • Home Septic Consultations
  • Lines Snaked
  • Reverse Flush and Agitate All Tanks
  • Pump Grease Traps (Inside and Out)
  • Hydro Jet Spraying Sewer and Septic Lines
  • Pump and Haul Agreements

Products Sold (Call for Prices)

This enzyme/bacteria waste and grease digestant product for your septic tank produces bacteria. It works by keeping the drains clean and replenishing the septic tank bacteria. Lenzyme comes in a box of 12 convenient packets that can be used monthly to keep household drains open.

By doing treatments in different drains each month, you will build up what is known as a "Bio-Film" in the drain lines. The bio-film is a living layer of micro-organisms. As organic matter flows down the drain, the bio-film will bach some of it, break it down, and consume it. It will also act as a protector of the pipe line. The line will become less likely to get a buildup and clog. Environmentally safe and friendly.

This environmentally safe and friendly formula is an enzyme/bacteria waste and grease digestant for grease traps and drains.

By using this EPA-accepted formula, this environmentally safe product kills roots in your septic tank and lines.
Contact us at (540) 226-3133 in Stafford, Virginia, to request a service for septic tank pumping and repair.