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Has it been way too long since you last emptied your septic tank or cleaned out your grease trap? Are you worried that your drainage pipe or septic tank may have sprung a leak? Are your drains covered in sludge and buildup? Come to American Tank Cleaning to access our full range of septic services and get the solutions you need fast.

American Tank Cleaning is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide high-quality septic services to customers in Stafford and all of the surrounding areas. We deliver quality work and attentive service whenever you need it so that you don’t have to get your own hands dirty keeping your septic system in working order.

To learn more about our services, call our Stafford office at (540) 226-3133 today. We’re available around the clock for free estimates, service appointments, and more!

  • “I had an emergency septic tank overflow, and American Tank Cleaning was able to get the job done the same day! TL was very descriptive on the job that was performed. Thank You, TL, and American Tank Cleaning for your help!”

    - Jonathan B.
  • “He called 30 minutes before arrival. Work was done quickly and well. I paid what I expected to pay and got the necessary paperwork for the county.”

    - Erin L.
  • “I had requested a 30-minute call prior to arrival to ensure I was home, which was a nice feature. The driver was very professional and answered several of my questions. He also made a couple of recommendations to cut down a couple of saplings so they would”

    - Clay H.

What Makes Your Septic System So Important?

You use a lot of water throughout your day to wash surfaces, clean your body, and cook food. When you’re done with that water, it’s your septic system’s job to carry it away from your living spaces so that it can’t contaminate your clean water. Wastewater from all over your home is funneled through your main drainage pipe into your septic tank, which separates liquids from solids and grease before dispersing those liquids through your drain field. 

Most of the time, this essential system works on its own, without any need for action on your part. However, sometimes your septic system requires professional intervention. When solids and sludge build up in your tank, it needs to be pumped, and when your tank or drainage pipe is cracked or broken, they need to be fixed. When that happens, it’s important to address issues immediately, otherwise, wastewater has no exit route from your home.

How Does a Septic System Work

A septic tank is an underground wastewater treatment system used in areas without centralized sewer systems. It collects wastewater from a building and separates it into layers. Solid waste settles at the bottom as sludge, while oils and scum float to the top. Bacteria break down the waste in the absence of oxygen. 

The liquid portion, called effluent, moves to a second chamber and then enters a drain field where it percolates through the soil for further treatment. Treated effluent eventually joins groundwater or surface water. Regular maintenance and proper usage are essential for a septic tank's effectiveness.

Make sure your septic system is always running smoothly – call (540) 226-3133 or send us a message online today to enlist the help of the septic services professionals at American Tank Cleaning!

What can American Tank Cleaning Help You With Today?

Whether you live in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, or any of the surrounding areas, American Tank Cleaning has all of the septic services and solutions you’re looking for. Call (540) 226-3133 or reach out to us online today to request your free estimate!

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