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Long-Term Clog Removal in Stafford and Surrounding Areas

American Tank Cleaning is a team with over 20 years of experience helping our community stay clog-free. We’re here for you 24/7 with live consultation and reliable services when you need expert drain cleaning. We care about your septic tank, which can’t function properly if you have a blockage preventing your pipe from draining. Drain cleaning is the preventative maintenance your home needs to stop clogs before they become a complete blockage and cause sewage backup.

Don’t wait for clogs to damage your system! Call (540) 226-3133 or contact us online when you are ready to schedule your annual cleaning.


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How to Prevent Clogged drains

You should schedule a drain cleaning annually to ensure the reliability of your pipes. The best way to prevent clogs is by monitoring what you send into your sewage system. 

Throw these items into the trash instead of down your drain:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Grease
  • Fat or oil
  • Large food scraps
  • Hair
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Dental floss
  • “Flushable” wipes
  • Fruit pits
  • Bar soap

Taking preventative measures for your home is a small but easy way to stop blockages from plaguing your system. You should never send hair or bar soap down the drain in the bathroom. You can prevent this by using a hair catcher in your drain. “Flushable” wipes do not disintegrate fast enough for most plumbing systems and are a great way to cause clogs. Don’t send flushable wipes, dental floss, or feminine hygiene products down your pipes.

Even if you have a garbage disposal, you shouldn’t send various items down your kitchen sink to protect it against blockages. Coffee grounds, grease, fat, oil, large food scraps, and fruit pits are all common materials in clogs. Not only do these materials create blockages, but they also usually damage your garbage disposal.

If a clog does exist in your plumbing, we also have Video Inspection services that can be used to find exactly where and what the clog is allowing us to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Please call (540) 226-3133 or contact us online for additional details on our video inspection services.

Our Services
  • Septic Pumping
    American Tank Cleaning is here for you with a team of professionals you can trust. Don’t let your septic system malfunction because it needs to be pumped. Our family is here to take care of you.
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  • Septic Inspection
    Without regular inspections, you may be taken off guard by significant repairs that put your septic system out of commission for weeks. Don’t ignore your system and be vulnerable to costly repairs.
    Learn More
  • Septic Repair
    We want your septic system to last a long time. That’s why we provide a team with over 20 years of experience that’s available 24/7, reliable, and family oriented.
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  • Drain Cleaning
    Drain cleaning is the preventative maintenance your home needs to stop clogs before they become a complete blockage and cause sewage backup.
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  • Hydro Jetting
    Hydro jetting is a long-lasting solution that many homes can benefit from. This service uses pressurized water to thoroughly clear your pipes of clog-inducing materials.
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  • Grease Trap Pumping & Cleaning
    Neglecting grease trap cleaning can cause severe issues with your business, like foul odors or sewage backup. Avoid costly repair solutions by completing grease trap maintenance frequently.
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  • Line Snaking
    The DIY drain snaking kits don’t offer these various augers, so you may be trying to remove a blockage with the incorrect tool that could damage your system. Unlike DIY solutions, American Tank Cleaning is insured and bonded if other issues arise.
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Signs You need drain cleaning

The sooner you remove a building clog, the better your pipes will be. 

Pay attention to these warning signs that you have a clog so you can reach out to our team for expert drain cleaning:

  • Unpleasant odors: Foul smells are often a result of material that has gotten stuck and begun to rot. Avoid this by not sending large food scraps or fruit pits down your drain.
  • Unusual sounds: Gurgling is one of the first signs that a clog is beginning to form. Gurgling is caused by the movement of trapped air around a blockage. You may also notice air bubbles coming up from the drain.
  • Slow drains: This means a clog is partially formed, and it’s time to call the professionals if you haven’t already. Slow drains do not go away with time, so you need to reach out to our team immediately before it becomes a more significant issue like sewage backup.

Many homeowners may attempt to use DIY chemical cleaners to resolve these issues before trusting our professionals. However, many publicly available cleaners can increase the corrosion of your pipes. Always count on American Tank Cleaning because we’re number one with number two. When you need expert drain cleaning, trust the professionals with 25 years of experience. We’re family-owned and operated, so you know we’ll treat you like one of our own.

Don’t hesitate when we’re here to help with 24/7 live consultation. Call (540) 226-3133 when you are ready to schedule a free estimate!


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