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American Tank Cleaning is a team of professionals with 25 years of experience keeping our communities clog-free. Clogs can cause severe issues with your plumbing system, including sewage backups that cause unsanitary bacteria to enter your home. Don’t be put at risk for bacterial illnesses when we offer expert line snaking in Stafford. Line snaking is a technique that gets rid of clogs with ease. This preventative maintenance solution helps avoid costly plumbing repairs and water damage to your home.

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Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking

We offer two techniques to clean drains, hydro jetting and snaking. Snaking, aka cabling, is a traditional technique that uses a flexible metal to break up blockages. Though you can get DIY snaking kits for your home, misuse of these tools can damage your pipes. Snaking is an excellent solution if you have individual clogs in your kitchen, bathroom, shower, or bathtub. This is the chosen service for individual clogs that aren’t far into your system.

Hydro jetting may be a better solution if you’re experiencing multiple or recurring clogs. However, your pipes have to be strong enough for hydro jetting. If you have root intrusion or weakened pipes, snaking might be the better option for you. Hydro jetting is usually used to remove clogs in the main sewer line, septic systems, or simultaneous clogs. This service always begins with a video inspection to ensure your pipes are prepared for the service.

Don’t attempt DIY techniques or ignore your pipes when you notice a clog. Instead, trust the professionals at American Tank Cleaning when you need expert line snaking. We’re here for you 24/7.

Our Services
  • Septic Pumping
    American Tank Cleaning is here for you with a team of professionals you can trust. Don’t let your septic system malfunction because it needs to be pumped. Our family is here to take care of you.
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  • Septic Inspection
    Without regular inspections, you may be taken off guard by significant repairs that put your septic system out of commission for weeks. Don’t ignore your system and be vulnerable to costly repairs.
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  • Septic Repair
    We want your septic system to last a long time. That’s why we provide a team with over 20 years of experience that’s available 24/7, reliable, and family oriented.
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  • Drain Cleaning
    Drain cleaning is the preventative maintenance your home needs to stop clogs before they become a complete blockage and cause sewage backup.
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  • Hydro Jetting
    Hydro jetting is a long-lasting solution that many homes can benefit from. This service uses pressurized water to thoroughly clear your pipes of clog-inducing materials.
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  • Grease Trap Pumping & Cleaning
    Neglecting grease trap cleaning can cause severe issues with your business, like foul odors or sewage backup. Avoid costly repair solutions by completing grease trap maintenance frequently.
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  • Line Snaking
    The DIY drain snaking kits don’t offer these various augers, so you may be trying to remove a blockage with the incorrect tool that could damage your system. Unlike DIY solutions, American Tank Cleaning is insured and bonded if other issues arise.
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Types of Plumber Snakes

It’s crucial that you understand the various ways to snake a line depending on the type of drain and clog. 

Here are the three types of snakes and how they’re used:

  • Hand augers: Perfect for a sink or bathtub drain, hand augers are compact, so they’re easy to store and allow you to feel the clog’s resistance to ensure it’s completely removed.
  • Closet auger: This snake is used in toilets because it has a shorter cable. Toilet clogs are often stuck in the p-trap area, so a shorter flexible cord is critical for the various twists and turns.
  • Drum auger: This powerful choice is a versatile solution. If you have a clog caused by tree roots, a drum auger can break up the tree roots and the clog. Tree root intrusion is a significant problem for most plumbing systems. In this case, snaking is preferred as the roots have weakened your pipe, making hydro jetting dangerous.

The DIY drain snaking kits don’t offer these various augers, so you may be trying to remove a blockage with the incorrect tool that could damage your system. Unlike DIY solutions, American Tank Cleaning is insured and bonded if other issues arise. Our team has over 20 years of experience completing expert line snaking in Stafford and you can trust our work.

As soon as you notice a clog, don’t hesitate to trust our professionals before it becomes worse. A complete blockage can cause unsanitary material to enter your home, putting you at risk for bacterial illnesses and severe water damage.

Call (540) 226-3133 when you are ready to schedule your annual cleaning. We’re number one with number two!

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